iranian psychologist in orange county

iranian psychologist in orange county

you  may live in Dubai and need an Iranian psychologist in Dubai. If so, you can contact Dr. amitnejat for video consultation.

Dr. amitnejat is a member of the Psychology Organization, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association, a member of the Psychologists and Assistant Deputies House.

Contact Dr. amitnejat  at WhatsApp whith number 09054770377 and get a video consultati


Telecommunications between therapists and authorities is not a new issue. Sigmund Freud used correspondence to communicate with his clients. But since 1982, the creation of online health advisory groups has also become popular. Since then, many sites have been providing mental health services.

While many specialists in the field still look to online consultation with suspicion, this approach has received widespread acceptance from patients and clients around the world and Iran (source).

Statistics published in the research show that a high percentage of patients receiving mental health services through video conferencing have expressed their satisfaction with this method (source).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Psychology Counseling
Online counseling has advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered. Consider the many confidentiality, legal and ethical issues as well as qualifications of a consultant and therapist, considering the multitude of online psychology consulting service sites (and even other counseling areas). .

Some of the benefits of online consulting are:

lower cost:
Compared to in-person consulting, the cost of online consulting is much lower on most sites, including Simyarum. Although the packages may vary in each online consultation center, depending on the duration of the consultation (usually between 1 and 2 minutes) the costs of online consulting can be about one-third to 1 percent lower than in-person visits.

For example, the cost of a psychiatric consultation session in the US costs about $ 200 each, while the cost of an online psychology consultation session in Simyarum is only $ 35 (more information).

Further communication with the therapist:
Many clients cannot wait a week to talk to their counselor due to their specific psychological conditions.

The online counseling method is suitable for people who need frequent and easier communication with their therapist. At Simyarum, we strive to establish a way of communicating between the individual and the counselor, depending on the individual’s particular circumstances and at the discretion of the counselor, in addition to online video psychology counseling sessions.

More convenience:
Online counseling can be as simple as sending a text or voice message. You don’t have to change your daily life plans. No more traveling to the office and wasting time in the office.

You can describe the optimal time to get your online video consultation on your order submission form. After coordinating with you and the consultant, the best day and time for communicating between you and the consultant will be determined.

Expressing the story in many ways:
Sometimes the client cannot express himself or herself through words. Using online counseling, clients can discuss their problems with any counselor in any of the ways that they are more comfortable with.

Some people are more comfortable with writing, others prefer to speak with / without a video call, and others prefer to consult with their counselor / asynchronously. This way, the authorities can use any of these methods at any time, which is easier.

more speed:
Due to the bustle of counseling centers, faster access to services is one of the benefits of online counseling. Communication with an online psychologist is usually much faster than traditional methods, yet clients can access and access dozens of online counseling centers with a simple search.

Confidentiality is one of the other benefits of online consulting. Many clients prefer this method because there is less risk of getting friends, family and acquaintances from referral for treatment and counseling.

At Xiamarom, your conversations and video of your consultation will not be recorded at all, and no one other than the consultant and you will be informed of the information exchanged at the meeting (online consultation questions).

Suitable for people with social anxiety:
If even thinking about meeting a stranger makes you anxious, online psychology counseling is the better option for you. Using this method, you do not need to sit on the advisor and talk about sensitive issues, but you can talk to the counselor at home and on your PC.

The difference between online psychology counseling and in-person counseling
Almost all of us have heard of traditional and in-person counseling psychology: you meet a counselor or psychologist in the counseling center, sitting face-to-face with him or her to complete the counseling session in the allotted time.

Millions of people have used this method of counseling. Many clients feel comfortable and relaxed from sitting in a quiet, face-to-face, professional and caring psychologist.










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