iranian psychologist in melbourne

iranian psychologist in melbourne

You may live in melbourne and you need an Iranian psychologist in melbourne. If so, you can contact Dr. amitnejat for video consultation.

Dr. amitnejat is a member of the Psychology Organization, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association, a member of the Psychologists and Assistant Deputies House.

Contact Dr. amitnejat at WhatsApp  number 09054770377 and get a video consultation.


A good psychologist has a love for referrals and has grown mentally, mentally, and intellectually and is capable of discovering the source of client problems and providing practical solutions.

You should be very careful in choosing a consultant and psychologist. Just as a good, professional psychotherapist can help you tremendously in your personal growth and healing, and be your consultant in establishing a healthy, solid relationship and marriage, a weak psychologist may make bad advice or inappropriate positional rejection. Harmful to authorities against poisonous and destructive behaviors.

Features a good psychologist and consultant

۱. Having a university degree
۲. Not having personality problems
۳. Having the sensitivities, skills, and abilities needed to effectively and effectively apply what they learn to clients
۴. Having a lot of emotional intelligence
۵. Having enough life experience
۶ Age at least 2 years
۷. Having enough general information
۸. Be married and preferably have children
۹. Has completed courses
۱۰. Be secret
۱۱. Insist not on his own approach or approach, but on the design of counseling as needed
۱۲. Appear and be dignified
۱۳. Know your mother tongue or have a common language with you

Part of the problem is that most people do not know what a good consultant should do for them and do not know what to expect. The counselor and psychotherapist are expected to know more about you than your own problem and problem, your emotional patterns and the type of relationships you have. It is his duty to clarify these and to give you knowledge.

۱. Make sure your relationship with your counselor or psychotherapist is warm and kind enough to be treated with complete security. Much of the emotional burden we carry today is due to our family’s dislike and lack of understanding. Be careful not to find a consultant who is part of the same duplicate pattern and will deal with your problems and problems with utter disregard.

۲. It is best that your counselor or psychologist has in the past benefited from counseling and psychotherapy, and that the healing you are looking for has already been achieved in some of his spiritual aspects. The best counselor and psychotherapist is someone who dedicates his or her life to personal development and transformation, actively participating in healing, making tangible and visible changes and measurements.

Make sure your counselor and psychologist is also focused on discovering the source and origin of your unwanted behavioral and emotional patterns, as well as providing practical, tangible and applicable ways and means to break into your daily life. Use it to change your unhealthy emotional – love habits and find healthier ways to deal with your old and perpetual problems. It is not enough just to analyze your past, but to forget the unhealthy past patterns and habits that are no longer in your favor and replace them with new patterns and habits. Every good counselor and psychotherapist will give you assignments and exercises so you can measure your own evolution and progress in life.
Should we wait for changes after a few consultations?
If your consultant didn’t find you useful after 5 sessions and learned nothing useful about yourself and your life, then you need to waste your time and energy and money. It’s not meant to be a miraculous change in your life and relationships after three sessions, but if your psychotherapy sessions fail, your psychologist or counselor may be moving too slowly.

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