iranian psychologist in los angeles

iranian psychologist in los angeles

You may live in los angeles  and you need an Iranian psychologist in losangeles. If so, you can contact Dr. amitnejat for video consultation.

Dr. amitnejat is a member of the Psychology Organization, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association, a member of the Psychologists and Assistant Deputies House.

Contact Dr. amitnejat at WhatsApp number 09054770377 and get a video consultation.

The impact of the Internet and, consequently, the cyberspace in our country in the last few years cannot be concealed.

Many businesses either go online or have already taken the route.

Online psychology counseling services are also one of the many Internet services that have a long history in the country.

People in Iran have been using psychological counseling in various ways for many years. This type of service was initially held in the form of an in-person meeting between the consultant and the client.

That is, the applicant went to counseling offices and psychology clinics and used psychological counseling services in person.

Over time, these types of services have become easier to provide and receive, and various types of telephone counseling have been used, but this type of counseling has been on the Internet for some time, and the user and counselor can communicate as easily as possible.

But what is online psychology counseling?

Online psychology counseling is the same kind of in-person psychology counseling services that are available on the Internet and their general nature is the internet.

The purpose of this type of consulting service is to facilitate the overall process of consultation for the general public as well as consultants.

What is the purpose of online psychology counseling?

This style of counseling serves many purposes.

Its most important purpose is to bring people closer to psychological counselors.

Many people and applicants seek counseling services for a variety of reasons:

Too busy
Side costs
Lack of access to the consultant
And many more cannot use in-person psychology counseling services.

Suppose a person is thinking about managing and treating stress symptoms, but he or she may not attend counseling offices because of a busy schedule or inadequate working hours or no expert psychologist in the field. Slow.

In this case, online psychology counseling is the best way to communicate with the counselor you are looking for.

Applicants from all over the world can communicate with their advisor online and hold a counseling session.

Or suppose a person in a distant city is unable to attend psychiatric counseling offices but is seeking treatment for his or her mental disorders such as depression, but his or her conditions do not allow this.

In similar situations, online counseling is the best way to get in touch with a counselor.

How Many Types Of Online Psychology Counseling Do We Have?

There are many types of online psychology counseling that you may not be aware of.

The first was a chat.

Exactly the style of counseling is what you see in messenger programs.

Authorities and consultants, like two ordinary people, have a typical conversation and try to solve a problem that the client is suffering from.

But this form of counseling has problems.

At an ideal psychological counseling session, counselors and referrals should be face-to-face.

That is, the consultant should be able to see the face of their clients or be able to use the information they gain from the body language and facial expressions of the client to better treat the disorders that have occurred.

This does not occur in any type of psychological counseling at all, which is why the quality of counseling in this case is very low and only rarely used.

Online psychology video counseling

This style of counseling is the closest you can to in-person counseling.

In this case, the consultant and the authorities communicate online via video, which results in an online video consultation.

Given the speed of Iran’s fast-paced Internet, this style of counseling is becoming increasingly popular, and people who do not have direct access to an expert psychologist can make good use of the scheme.

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