iranian psychologist in london

iranian psychologist in london

ou may live in Dubai and need an Iranian psychologist in Dubai. If so, you can contact Dr. amitnejat  for videoconsultation.

Dr.amitnejat is a member of the Psychology Organization, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association, a member of the Psychologists and Assistant Deputies House.

Contact Dr. amitnejat  at WhatsApp white number 09054770377 and get a video consultation




Finding a psychologist in the UK or elsewhere outside of Iran can be a little challenging for Iranians. But despite the new possibilities that have been created, people living abroad can also enjoy psychological services like Iranians living in Iran.

Most of us know that a psychologist can be referred to in depression or anxiety, but we may be less aware of what else can be referred to a psychologist or psychotherapist. Examples include:

Mood disorders including depression, bipolar disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorders such as body malformation, malignant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder
Anxiety disorders such as panic, phobia, traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety
Developmental neurological disorders such as autism, hyperactivity and decentralization, learning disorder, neurological tic
Personality disorders such as isolated personality, obsessive personality, narcissistic personality
Eating Disorders including Bulimia and Anorexia
sleep disorders
Communication problems including problems with spouse, family, and friends
Recognize yourself
But before we can find a psychologist in the UK or anywhere, we need to consider the characteristics of a good psychologist. What qualities can assure us that we have found a good and efficient psychologist? Here are some of these features.

Empathy: The most important characteristic of a good psychologist is empathy with the authorities. The empathy of a counselor is the ability to understand the feelings of the client. If the psychologist is not self-developed in terms of personality and ethics, he cannot seal and empathize with the authorities because he is so engrossed in himself that he cannot transcend himself and communicate with another.
Knowledge and Insight: Although having a degree in the human psyche is a prerequisite for a psychologist, it is not a sufficient condition. A good psychologist must have sufficient insight and experience. He must go the path of growth and excellence himself and be aware of the sufferings of mental excellence.
Communication Strength: A good psychologist is good at communicating with clients. He knows how to create a sense of security in the authorities so that the clients can feel comfortable in the treatment environment and express their problems easily.
Encouragement and support: A good psychologist encourages and supports clients. He knows how to motivate clients because a good psychologist believes that human beings, regardless of their current situation, are full of undiscovered talents. He believes that if conditions are provided, all humans are capable of growth and excellence. A good psychologist beyond the face of failure, sad, angry, and an underdeveloped personality, full of problems with references, must be certain of the human abilities of each individual, otherwise his or her therapist will be frustrated with any change.
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