iranian psychologist in french

iranian psychologist in french

You may live in french  and you need an Iranian psychologist in french . If so, you can contact Dr. amitnejat for video consultation.

Dr. amitnejath is a member of the Psychology Organization, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association, a member of the Psychologists and Assistant Deputies House.

Contact Dr. amitnejat at WhatsApp number09054770377 and get a video consultation.

How can you find the best psychologist?

So far, we have examined whether a specialist or psychologist is right for you. Now imagine you are looking for a good psychologist in Tehran, how can you find such a specialist?

Get help from others
Ask your friends or family members to introduce you if they know a good psychologist. Friends and relatives are usually the first reference people come to, you just have to make sure they are not going to interfere and want to support you.

You can also get help from people you work with and trust. An accountant, a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, and any other professional you have a relationship with and can trust in their privacy is a good source. All of these professionals are reputable business owners and provide specialized services, so they may be familiar with their interactions with experienced psychologists.

When you ask others to refer you to a skilled counselor or psychologist, there is no need to go into details and explain why you are looking for a psychologist. Just say, “I have a problem and I thought it best to talk to my psychologist about it. Do you know anyone? ”

Get help from a familiar consultant as a source
If your friend or friend is a counselor, ask them to introduce a qualified counselor. Counselors and psychologists are in constant contact with each other. Familiar counselors understand that for whatever reason you know you don’t want to go to them and only want to help you find the right counselor. In other words, even if you think that going to your sister’s counselor is not the right thing to do, if your sister really likes her counselor, she can introduce you to some good counselors.

Get help from your colleagues
Employee Assistance Programs are available in many offices and workplaces. These services are offered internally or externally for the purpose of providing emotional support to employees and providing advice while protecting employees’ privacy. These aids are often provided by the HR department, so you can ask about their availability and how to use them. You can usually use several free counseling sessions and if you wish to continue treatment you will be referred to the psychologist of the insurance contract.

School and university are a good search source
Your child’s school probably has a counselor, who knows the psychologists or counselors in your area who can accommodate you or your child if necessary. The use of mental health services on campus is also on the rise. Counseling centers on college campuses are constantly using social worker services and experienced psychologists to help students solve various problems. Like the staffing program, if you need longer term services, you will be introduced to outside professionals. You can also always ask your school counselor to refer you to a good psychologist or counselor.

Use the Internet
A list of the best psychologists and consultants is available on reputable websites. A good list should contain information about the expert’s qualifications, areas of expertise and experience. You will also need information such as contact numbers, office addresses, office hours and insurance contracts.

Search Google
Once you’ve got a few names, it’s time to search these names on Google. If your expert has a blog or website, be sure to visit it. You can often get an overview of his personality and skill, depending on what the expert writes or what others think of him. Just keep in mind that many good and experienced consultants do not have a website, so finding them on the Internet is no reason to dismiss them.

Get help from online counseling
If you live in an area where local mental health professionals find it difficult to access, you can get online and telephone counseling using programs such as Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp. Online consulting is a specialized service made possible in the context of today’s advanced world and you can talk to consultants around the world.

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